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Enjoyed Leafy Murder Mystery, or missed out? Join Steve England again, on a voyage into the unknown, at Hidden Worlds

Picture of Steve talking to children at  Leafy Murdery Mystery!

Steve talks fungus at Leafy Murdery Mystery!

Did you come along to the Leafy Murder Mystery last weekend at Stoke Park? Did it whet your appetite for the wild woods and leave you hungry for more? Or did you miss out? Worry not! Local wildlife celebrity and Evening Post columnist Steve England will be strutting his stuff in Stoke Park again, this time for ‘Hidden Worlds’ which takes place next Wednesday 29th May from 11am – 3pm.

Hidden Worlds is yet another clever concept and Steve, who knows Stoke Park like the back of his hand, is just the man to guide you on this voyage of discovery. As Steve says, we tend to go about our daily lives with our eyes half closed, only taking notice of the large and the obvious, and missing out on the finer details. So Steve is going to share some of his long acquired knowledge, to teach you where, and how to look, for things just that little bit special, that often go unobserved, as we race about our daily lives. These are the ‘hidden worlds.’

So what sort of surprises can you expect next Wednesday? Well, you might get the chance to see a rat tailed maggot (yuk!) that lives in an environment so dank and smelly, most other creatures wouldn’t survive. This beastie actually uses a snorkel to breathe clean air! Then there’s the secret world of tree beetles, beetles beavering away under tree bark, eating the tree from the inside out! There are birds nests galore, harbouring precious babies, cleverly concealed from predators, and mysterious underground fungi, whose acres of roots support entire tree systems with water and nutrients. That’s just a snippet of what you can expect to find out about!

The event takes the format of 2 sessions, starting from the Cameron Centre, Cameron Walk, Lockleaze, Bristol, BS7 9XB, one starting at 11.00 and the second at 1.15pm. Each session includes a woodland walk, followed by a lab with microscopes, outside in Steve’s forest campsite! Lunch will be from 12.45 to 1.15, and you are free to bring a picnic and stay after the morning session or arrive early for the afternoon to enjoy dining al fresco!

Reproduced with permission from Bristol99