February 22, 2017

Wild Foods

All my life…

I have been excited by all things wild. Wild foods and Wildlife have become my obsession, and I spend much of my time in the outdoors, learning, relaxing and teaching my knowledge of the wild to others.

The idea that you can “live from the land” is one of the things that seriously excites me, and both through 10 years RHS training and years of experience literally, “in the field”, the knowledge I have gained of plants, trees, fungi, flowers & animals now allows me to hold hands-on workshops, walks & tours that educate others in all of these areas and more.


Wild Foods

Whatever the season, there are a huge number of wild delicacies right under our noses, whether in the local park, in the playground or in our nearby woodlands. They’re tasty, nutritious and don’t cost a penny… if you know what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking to learn the basics of food foraging, want to expand on your knowledge of wild mushrooms, or just fancy a good day out in the woods to try some tasty wild foods, then you may be interested in some of the many wild food events I offer.


Learn to live off the land?

My wild food walks take you out on an exciting, fun and informative foraging adventure to discover, identify, collect and cook up our tasty finds, getting the full experience of how it would be to live of the land. We learn key features to watch out for, and discuss the importance of conversation, and ways you can help wildfoods be sustainable for all. Depending upon the time of year and where we are located, my wild food events can include:

  • Flowers, seeds and leaves foraging
  • WIld seasonal salads
  • Riverside foraging
  • Mushroom walks
  • Wild herbs & medicinal plants
  • Wildfood cookery

and lots more! The day is about what we find, and in many cases, this cannot be over planned – that’s one of the things that makes foraging even more exciting… you never know what you’re going to get!


The Magic of Mushrooms

Throughout the year there are a vast array of edible (and inedible) species of fungi, and although these often form a part of my wildf ood walks, they have a special walk of their own, when the season is right.

Within my Magic of Mushrooms walk, we will look at the identification and habitats of species we find along the way, along with some vital environmental factors and considerations that both new and seasoned mushroom foragers need to know. We will aim to collect a selection of edible species and maybe even cook up a fungi feast together in the woods.

We will also learn some of the bizarre and unusual behaviours of fungi, and the reasons why knowing one from another isn’t the only thing you need to know before you start serving up your fungi finds to your friends for dinner.

From Puffballs to Parasols and Velvet Shank to the Scarlet Elf Cup, we will learn what makes fungi some of the most fascinating, beautiful and strange organisms to occupy our natural world.


Get in touch

Check out my Facebook page to find out the walks and talks in the calendar already, or get in touch on my contact page to discuss bookings for wild food and mushroom events in the future across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.