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Woodcrafts & Wreaths

I love to collect and use natural materials from the local area to produce handcrafted items, and teaching other people the skills to do the same. Whether making Christmas Wreaths with ivy, weaving with Elm bark or being creative with Willow, my woodcraft workshops are an exciting addition to your personal or community organisations event calendar.

Basket Weaving, Wreath Making & More

Amongst many of the activities I can run with your community group or organisation, I regularly run basket weaving, wreath making and decorative woodwork workshops, which can run between 2 and 4 hours. I can also offer longer sessions for activities such as hazel chair making and hazel thumb stick making, which teach a fantastic range of skills and provide you with a beautiful handmade item to take away with you.

For younger children and schools, one of the most popular events includes a range of activities including pencil making and mallet making.

Basket Weaving Bristol

Tailored Woodcraft Events

Events can be tailored to your needs, and I am able to work to your requirements to come up with an event that works for you. Have a certain age group or ability? Working on a particular project or curriculum? Or have specific interests within your group? Let me know, and we can work on an event plan together.

Events can either come with pre-prepared materials, where I will spend a day or two prior to the event collecting materials on your behalf, or include a material collection session where we go together and everyone collects their own materials – a great chance to learn about nature whilst collecting the perfect pieces for your creation!

Get in touch

Have other woodcraft ideas? Feel free to get in touch and let me know what you would like to do. I can offer a whole range of activities, work with different age groups and abilities, and different time scales and budgets, so do get in touch to arrange your next woodcraft event.