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Steve England greets a Stoke Park Wood resident

28th April 2010

RHS horticulturalist Steve England pictured in Stoke Park, Bristol. Steve waited for 15 minutes , for the grey squirrel to pluck up the courage to come forward and take a hazelnut from his hand.

Steve said: ‘I had never tried it before but we were going through the woods and I was laid down on a log taking pictures of some fungus when this squirrel came up close.

So I managed to get a hazelnut out of my pocket and after about 15 minutes it came closer and closer and then grabbed the hazelnut and ran.

Squirrels are very secretive animals so I wasn’t surprised that it disappeared in a few seconds after taking the nut. To start with it couldn’t decide if I was a friend or a foe.

The goal of my life is to encourage more people to enjoy the treasures of the outdoors and Stoke Park really is an incredible place.’