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Last night’s bat walk at Stoke Park

What an incredible evening! We had a fantastic turnout of 20 guests, great to see youngsters coming along.  We took our Bat detectors with us and as we entered the woods they soon came to life with the click click click of Britain’s smallest species the Pipistrelle. I have not seen so many at the same time before!
We then went out into the open fields and our detectors picked up another species; a bigger bat called the Noctule. They hunt along hedgerows.  As we made our way to Duchess lake our detectors came to life yet again, this time with the Daubentons or water bat, the only species to feed off water. My guests all had a fantastic evening and I can’t wait until next time.

Here’s a picture of a Pipistrelle

And this is a Noctule

And finally the Daubenton