The Curse of the Horse-Chestnut Leaf Miner

These are horse chestnut leaves. As you can clearly see they have been invaded by something that is making them go brown. In fact, it is caused by the actions of the Horse-chestnut leaf miner moth larvae (Cameraria ohridella). Each female moth lays between 20 and 40 eggs singly on the upper surface of leaves, Read more about The Curse of the Horse-Chestnut Leaf Miner[…]

Beware the giant hogweed !

Kate Tomlinson from the BSPP sent me a link today about the dangers of the giant hogweed. Giant hogweed leads to blindness and skin burn I have an impressive example of just how big these plant monsters can grow. I’ll post an image here soon. Anyway, while they are indeed fantastic looking, please don’t go Read more about Beware the giant hogweed ![…]

Wild City , wild food

Today I’m visiting Shirehampton to teach people all about wild foods on behalf of the “Wild City” project on how to identify edible plants from poison plants and then make a tasty treat with what we collect. I’ve never been there before so its going be interesting to see what I can find. In true Read more about Wild City , wild food[…]

Leafy Murder Mystery – Steve England and Katie Tomlinson prove anyone can be a successful plant detective!

Last week, finally saw the eagerly awaited Leafy Murder Mystery take place at Stoke Park. Organised by Katie Tomlinson, from the British Society for Plant Pathology, it aimed to introduce school children and members of the public to the roles that pathogens, in their various forms of fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms, play in causing Read more about Leafy Murder Mystery – Steve England and Katie Tomlinson prove anyone can be a successful plant detective![…]

Raspberries in December!

In Stoke Park, dozens of plants are flowering out of season. What’s going on? Steve says: “This all revolves around rising temperatures – a soil temperature of above 16C stimulates plants to grow. At the moment the soil temperature is warming up so quickly it is causing all sorts of things to grow out of Read more about Raspberries in December![…]