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June 17


10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Steve England/E.Shimell

Website: Organizer's Website

Dutchess Gate

Stoke Park, Bristol, BS16 1BX

Bristol, England, GB, BS16 1BX

Treat your dad to a morning of exploring the world of water at Duchess Lake, Stoke Park being nature detectives together for Fathers’ Day, where we will be exploring the pond weed, and see what lurks amongst it.

Steve will teach us interesting pond life facts, and explain how things work in a kill or be killed world of water. We will see how many species of creatures we can identify in the water using our identification charts and guides, and where they all fit into the food chain! Who eats who?! Come and find out!

Great fun for kids and Dads, and be prepared – you will get wet! 

Dad’s go free with every child!!!

Meeting point will be at Dutchess Gates, top of Broom Hill, by Snuff Mills!