Bristol City Council’s Better Together Project

I OPENED my mail the other day and, to my complete surprise, there was an award certificate. It was an award from Bristol City Council’s Better Together Project. The award was for my many years’ commitment to work to improve the life of children and young people and their families in Bristol.   I have Read more about Bristol City Council’s Better Together Project[…]

How to make Elder flower fritters

Recipe for today A tasty treat for kids at this time of year ,Elder flower fritters! Pick some elder flowers shake off bugs, get some batter mix and a lemon, dip the flowers in the batter mix and shallow / deep fry for two minutes squeeze of lemon juice over the top , job done Read more about How to make Elder flower fritters[…]

Beware the giant hogweed !

Kate Tomlinson from the BSPP sent me a link today about the dangers of the giant hogweed. Giant hogweed leads to blindness and skin burn I have an impressive example of just how big these plant monsters can grow. I’ll post an image here soon. Anyway, while they are indeed fantastic looking, please don’t go Read more about Beware the giant hogweed ![…]

Wild City , wild food

Today I’m visiting Shirehampton to teach people all about wild foods on behalf of the “Wild City” project on how to identify edible plants from poison plants and then make a tasty treat with what we collect. I’ve never been there before so its going be interesting to see what I can find. In true Read more about Wild City , wild food[…]